Men have become fiends

It is so saddening to realise that the world has turned into a war zone – which habours abusive men. Homes are no longer sanctuaries for children but it is where they find their deepest heartaches. I abhor such male figures. We think we have fathers, yet we have sadists. The people who should be looking out for our needs have turned to find pleasure in hurting us. They don’t only end by agonising children, but they also go on to cause pure anguish to their poor spouses. No woman got married to be whipped to a pulp.

Nowadays, a household living in peace seems to be out-of-date. This is proved by statistics we read about everyday – a day never passes without a case of foul play in our globe.

A scent of blood keeps our humn population (especially men) compos mentis (sane). How can one find joy in bringing about a river of tears among ‘their prey’? Crushing hearts like a cocoon has become a hobby to many! It is quite disturbing to actually see that most men in the world have become fiends.

Umpteen scenes in the world are left with dried blood. The stain refuses to be removed on that spot! How then will the scars on the abused be removed if even the blood stains themselves are still there?

To the victims of abuse out there, know that the torture you are going through is there to strengthen you. Violence is nothing else but a dare (which we are not really obliged to go through) that is meant to shape us into better beings. Don’t get me wrong, I am not implying that violence is a bitter-sweet experience.

She screamed on the inside, no one heard her. She screamed out loud, you beat her even more. What will make her stop? You will. Stop beating her, she will come running to your arms, again.


It stands as an undeniable fact that violence is a bitter experience, but then, it drives one to strive for better days. Days where you would be able to warn victims of violence about it’s dangers, or even more; good things that can eventually come out of being vituperated.

I was emotionally and physically abused by a person who is supposed to love me the most – my father. While experiencing torture now and then, I only longed to voice out my views and emotions about this monster. The key thing I got from being vituperated was that abuse grooms you for better days – shapes you into a better being and so something that is extremely good can come out of a victim of abuse. One can write a book just on the gist of violence and hundreds of people can be helped through your writing.

The thought of abuse internationally brings nothing else but an extreme shard of agony within me. I, therefore, urge with every leader (king, president or queen) out there to do something and minimise the growing statistics of abuse so as to save innocent souls from being slain for no valid reason.

✨ My very first public article is yellowing✨

The article I published is only based in Swaziland, but truth be told, this (violence) is a habit evolving around the whole planet of Earth. Locally, I’ve read about many cases of abuse. To mention but a few of those that I follow: A story of a pastor who burned his wife on their way home inside their car (more than three years ago) after a 3 hour sermon in church is still an open case even today. Another man fed poison to his children after stabbing his cheating wife countless times thus ingesting the poison himself to escape from punishment! Abusers should by all means be persecuted once in prison. This takes us back to what we read about in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible that, should anyone hurt you, hurt him in return (eye for an eye). I am not a firm believer in any sort of abuse but believe you me, the victims of abuse would without a doubt heal on one way or the other should this be practised in jails.

#IWillDieAFeminist ✨✊

Here’s to being a feminist🥂

True, I am not a who’s and who in any of the world’s prestigious places. But there’s one thing that I know for sure; my articles speak for the voiceless, speak for the oppressed, speak for the vulnerable ✊

Show me some love. Share my blog post. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Let’s join hands to heal souls😍.

Me Time.

It is important to spend most of your time with yourself. ✨

The people around you should have little or no impact in your life. You are the driver of your life! You hold the keys to your place of destiny. One wise fellow once said, “Life is a question and how you live it is the answer.” Press that foot pedal – the pace you want to answer the question called life is up to you. You will not get the answer until you ask it from yourself. You alone! It is called “Me time”.

It is possible. Be happy – on your own. If I can do it, what is making you skid to a halt?

Either you are an introvert, extrovert or ambivert and still believe in fighting and winning your battles within you, You are allowed to drop your comments.🙂

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