Carpe diem. Seize the day, with me Siyanda Mzolo😍

From the blog

Hi, I’m Siyanda. I’m so interested in writing more than anything. Without words, my life is doomed. Being an ambivert best describes me. Rather than sharing my feelings with people, I would rather share them with paper – that way, I will never ever get betrayed.

I’m so much into reading. I think more than I talk; there is power in the inner voice. As much as I spend most of my time digging about things in the world of science, a greater portion of my “might” belongs to art. I love photography. Portraits of nature are going to dominate my wall once I’m old enough to afford my own wallpapers.

As much as it would take a milestone and a half to convince me to have friends in the past, I do have them now. Jesus had one also, so, why can’t I then? Before judging anyone, I like taking a challenge in making a person believe in the right thing. I rarely judge, I correct. How do I do that? In writing!

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